Improves posture and muscle strength

Standing for hours watching bands can play havoc with the lower back and legs, causing you to constantly adjust your stance. With good posture and muscle strength, the weight is evenly distributed between both feet and all the joints are stacked in top of one another, helping to reduce this lethargy and ensuring each muscle is working as it should.

Increases flexibility

Tight muscles in one area can have an affect on another. Yoga asanas not only improve flexibility of the physical body, but also the mind. Having improved flexibility, strength and awareness of your own body and its limitations or ability helps to reduce the chances of injury. So when you are throwing yourself around on stage, it won’t be such a shock to the system and your body won’t tense up as much.

Increases blood flow

Getting that fresh blood and oxygen pumping around your system – I’d like to say it helps with hangovers but unfortunately I’ve not come across any research to prove that!

Helps ease lower back pain

Building a good core and strengthening those back muscles along with increased flexibility will help release any tension in the back and ease pain you may feel from standing for a long time or sitting in a vehicle for hours on your way to the next show.

Helps with focus, balance, concentration and creativity

So you’ve got to write lyrics or a new riff but your mind's full of so many ideas and thoughts that it's hard to focus. Take a break, take a few breaths, listen to a guided relaxation or do a few asanas specifically for the mind and creativity. Even better, start a daily meditation practice. Coming to stillness opens you to insights and allows you to slow down and digest all those thoughts bouncing around your mind. Particularly if you use a concentration style meditation like the Kirtan Kriya, or the Sat Nam meditation.

Relaxes you and reduces tension

Day-to-day life can cause tension, van breaking down on tour, promoter not turning up or doing their job properly, sleeping on uncomfortable flooring, getting drinks spilt on you while your in the crowd….the list goes on. Again, by bringing yoga techniques into your everyday life, these situations like these won’t seem so bad. If your adrenals are overworking, your nerves are frayed and you feel on edge, then your ability to react in a clear-headed manner will go completely out the winder. Yeah sure, stuff will piss you off, but do you really want to waste your energy on shitty people or shitty situations? I doubt it!

Strengthens muscles used for breathing

Screaming your lungs out down a microphone, singing along to your favourite song, running around on stage or in the crowd for 30+ mins can put a lot of stress on the body. Learning how to strengthen the muscles you use for breathing, such as your diaphragm intercostal muscles and lungs will do you a massive favour both on the stage or in the crowd. Asanas that help open the chest along with good posture, create more space for your lungs to expand, allowing more oxygen in. More blood pumping around the system and more energy. Regular practice of diaphragmatic breathing or the Breath of Fire also builds the strength in and lung capacity, meaning you can hold that note for just a little bit longer!

While yoga is not a miracle cure for everything, a regular practice will certainly do you some good. But don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself!