The artist behind the creation of the peace and punk mandala for Bad Juju Yoga

The term ‘Peace & Punk’ might seem an odd one to most. An oxymoron even. But the two are inextricably linked; one word suggests positivity and internal serenity, while the other is a largely externalised attitude, like some sort of behavioural Yin and Yang.

The ethos and concept shared by Jo resonates deeply, firstly as a hip-hop fan, and secondly (but equally!) as a spiritualist. She wanted something that incorporated Sri Yantra, an ancient Sanskrit symbol of astronomical importance, and the idea of music as a living force, an energy which can be transmitted and profoundly felt. The mandala itself represents balance through intricate symmetry, and our innermost complexities which shroud themselves like the infinite layers of onion skin. At it’s core is a pattern which can be discovered within sound itself, revealed through cymatics.

I often find drawing technical geometric stuff to be my only time to meditate and reflect. Usually to a hip-hop soundtrack; a genre I think shares a great deal with punk in the rawest sense.

I treat the page like a Zen garden, and the pen as my rake. I’d like to think of this piece as the calm with the storm, much like Peace & Punk itself.