How to breathe better

BREATHE BETTER – DEEP BREATHING You can learn how to breathe better by using Pranayam (controlled breathing exercises). Below is a breathing exercise to help build strength in your lungs and the muscles used for breathing, increase lung capacity and also relieve feelings of stress. This is deep belly breathing into the Deep Yogic Breath. READ MORE

You know YOU best

You know YOU best Everybody’s body is different. We have a similar set up, key ways our body’s function, but generally, how we use that set up is different for each of us. For example, some people’s body proportions allow them to easily touch their toes, whether they have tight hamstrings or not. Some people READ MORE

3 tips for meditating

Often people say to me that ‘I can’t meditate, I can’t clear my mind’. Neither can I. I’m not sure anyone can; unless they’re living away from the busy modern world. Meditation is not about clearing the mind. The Mind is technically a processor. Always processing information from everything around you, anything that’s picked up READ MORE