Need something to keep you mentally and physically in-shape but feel uncomfortable in a yoga class?


Time is tight and you need to practice whenever you can, wherever you can?

Study online. 

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I turned to yoga to help me with my anxiety. Stress was a massive trigger, but I’d always end up in jobs that took up my time and used up my energy.

I knew yoga would help me, but finding time was an issue and I felt very nervous and self-conscious whenever I did managed to attend a yoga class. It was even worse at busy classes where there wasn’t even an inch between my mat and the person’s next to me!

So I turned to online yoga classes.

This way I could find a style I liked, a teacher I connected with, develop my personal practice, ease my anxiety and build my confidence to attend public classes.

I boosted my confidence, my practice and have found ways to cope with my anxiety and depression.

And I continue to study online today. Connecting with like-minded people from around the globe. It’s changed my life!

I want to share everything with you that has helped me cope with stress, anxiety and depression as well as the benefits I’ve discovered for my physical health. Where ever you may be in the world.

This is exactly why I created the Bad Juju Yoga Online Studio. For underground yogi’s like you and me!

Eight years later, I’m sharing Kundalini and Punk Rock Yoga weekly in Surrey, and at UK and European Underground Punk festivals.

We don’t need to travel this path alone.

Join me on my journey.



“After attending Jo’s classes at various festivals, I always felt sad I couldn’t attend her weekly classes (as I live in a different country). Thanks to the new Online Studio, I have all the resources I need for a regular at home practice, both through video series as well as live streamed weekly classes. Though it’s from a distance the live streams make me feel connected, like I’m there. 🙂 The classes are accessible to all, yet challenging enough (especially Kundalini). They also have that DIY punkrock feel and music that I love.”


“Jo’s classes – they give me the head space that I need as well as challenging my body and my mind. Every class I come away relaxed but also invigorated. The class is a great mix of yoga, meditation and relaxation – Jo’s explains everything so clearly and also goes into the reasoning behind the moves too which is not only interesting but helps you understand your body better.”



You’ll experience classes with me that replicates (as closely as possible), what it’s like to study wth me face-to-face.


Well, it isn’t just a platform of streamed videos. By becoming a member you also join the online community; you can comment on videos, chat directly with me, and other students freely, and away from judgement. A safe online space for us underground yogi’s.

Registering today you’ll gain access to:

  • Exclusive content: yoga, tutorials and guides
  • Get your questions answered! Just like in a face-to-face class, get your questions answered by me on specific areas of your practice.
  • Access to an online community of like-minded individuals.
  • Membership is FREE.


Coming soon:

  • Live streamed videos: Punk Rock Yoga, Simple Hatha Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation Monday’s and Philosophy Friday’s.
  • Video on demand: Punk Rock Yoga classes you can download and keep forever, along with their individual punk rock playlists.
  • Training guides.
  • Podcast for meditations and relaxations.
  • Opportunity to have live video chats and Q&A with me.