Episode 1: Punk Rock Yoga – Interview with Kimberlee Jensen Stedl

It was such a pleasure to speak with founder and creator of Punk Rock Yoga and the Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto, Kimberlee Jensen Stedl. I can’t think a better way to kick-start my Bad Juju Yoga Podcast series.

Kimberlee is a yoga teacher and a busy mum, who founded Punk Rock Yoga in 2004. She’s inspired 100s of yogis around the globe with her self published yoga philosophy book, the Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto which she intended to be a “jumping off point” for any reader. In this episode we chat about the ‘why’ behind Punk Rock Yoga and the creation of the manifesto, the elitism in 00s Yoga, and how we can move beyond the physical practice of yoga to establish a more Yogic lifestyle.


Sat Nam

More about the Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto
Music: Seaward by Darko

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Photo: Kimberlee (right) and fellow Punk Rock Yogi, Monika (Ontario). Find out more about Monika’s Punk Rock Yoga teaching dates via Instagram.

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