Hi, I'm Jo

I’m a passionate yoga teacher who helps people strengthen their minds and their bodies through the practices of meditation, pranayam and asana.

I love to share yoga in a creative way using a style that is all-inclusive; using music, breath, and movement to release tension in the body and the mind. This is yoga for the underground yogi. People like me who don’t feel they fit into the mainstream of yoga, but still want to feel the benefits of a regular practice. You don’t need to be an asana loving, yoga pant wearing, touching your toes human to do this yoga. It’s yoga for everybody and every body.

I say this because I believe there is a yoga style out there to suit and benefit every human who is even slightly interested in a mind and body practice. 

A daily practice of meditation and a regular practice of yoga asana has transformed my life and I want to share that transformation with you.


Where you can find me? I hold regular Punk Rock Yoga, Kick-Ass Kundalini, and Simple Hatha Yoga classes in Guildford, Reigate, Dorking, and Oxford (UK). You’ll also find me at various UK and European events and underground punk festivals. You can join me via the Bad Juju Yoga Online Studio.

Through my classes, I look to share the yogic tools and techniques I have learned and inspire you to create your “own way of the yogi”. Dancing to the same song but in our own unique way.

I bring all my knowledge together to create my classes (whether to punk rock or not). Incorporating fluidity of movement, yoga asana, breath work, mantra, meditation, and relaxation.

Who inspires me? I’m inspired by the work and philosophy in Kimberlee Jensen Stedl’s Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto, the Buddhist teachings of Noah Levine (Against the Stream) and Josh Korda (Dharmapunx NYC), and the Kundalini Yoga teachings of Gloria Latham. They inspire me to do what feels good, to be free and not to feel like I need to fit into a ‘box’. To create my own way of the yogi.

I look forward to meeting you!

Jo Smith

Certified Dru Yoga (200-hr) & Kundalini Yoga basics teacher

About Bad Juju Yoga

Bad Juju is yoga is more than just physical exercise. It is a lifestyle, promoting a philosophy of community spirit. Bringing together like-minded people into a space where they can develop their own practice and knowledge of yoga and wellbeing. A space where they feel welcome and where they can be themselves.

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Bad Juju Yoga holds regular classes in Guildford, Reigate, Dorking and Oxford and teaches one-off sessions at various UK and European events and festivals. It is run by Jo Smith, a passionate yoga teacher who teaches in a creative way using a style that is all-inclusive, Sharing yoga through the love of music, mantra, sound and vibration.

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