Your Values vs. Your Ideals

Values and Ideals

What's the Difference Between Values and Ideals

Let’s get down to it.

Your values focus more on the behaviours that we see as right and wrong (in our eyes).

So what one person might see as an important value, another may not.

The Oxford Dictionary defines values as:

Principles or standards of behaviour; one’s judgement of what is important in life.

So take a quality like honesty. It’s a value many people think is important, and a behaviour that people think is right, where as being dishonest, would be considered wrong.

Ok, so what about Ideals.

Your Ideals are made up of qualities that you aspire to. They are what you strive for and wish to be.

Throughout your life, you’ll have been exposed to many qualities, some that resonate with you, and some that don’t.

Some are from people you admire, some are from experiences you’ve had.

For example, qualities of compassion, courage and forgiveness.

When you sit down and think about what you truly want, you’ll begin to create the ideal you, ideal career, ideal life, that you’re aspiring to.

The definition of ideals is:

A person or thing regarded as perfect. A standard of perfection: a principle to be aimed at.

Now, let’s wrap this up.

So in short, the difference between your true values and your ideals is that your values are what you think of as important or not important, for example honesty. And your ideals what you consider to be a ‘good’ or ‘perfect’ behaviour. What you aspire to be.

So when you are evaluating your life and wanting to make change you can look at your ideals, check if you’re actually living by them, and if you’re not, what’s in your control to change so you can feel more aligned.

When you’re more aligned you’ll feel more confident within yourself, less insecure and less anxious.

Are you living by your ideals and values?

What could you change so that you are?

Tell me your thoughts on the difference between value and ideals and if you’re living by them. I’d love to hear from you!

Peace & Punk

Sat Nam


3 thoughts on “Your Values vs. Your Ideals

  1. Johnathan says:

    Sorry Jo I’m not, because I don’t have any … Strong beliefs, ideals, morals or values that is. It appears to me the world’s full of individuals wanting to impose their belief systems, values and warped ideology upon us and have created immense pain and suffering because of it. I would like to think we are living in a more enlightened world but unfortunately there are those out there wanting to drag us back into the dark ages. The ideals of anarchy, peace and freedom are distant dream for now it seems …..

    • Jo Smith says:

      It’s interesting you say this Johnathan, because before I sat down and started to work out what it was I really wanted in life, and discovered my purpose/ dream to work towards, I don’t think I did either.

      Human’s have a need for community, and very often those communities are built off have the similar or same beliefs, values, morals etc. There is a book called Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, I think you might find it a very interesting read (if you’ve not read it already).

      At the end of the day, you’ve got to find what works for you as an individual, to lead a life where you feel content as much as possible (because I know we can’t feel content all the time!)

      • Jo says:

        Further to this, we are born with a ‘clean slate’ so to speak. As we learn to communicate (listening and speaking) we begin to be influenced by the beliefs, values, opinions etc. by those around us. Such as our family, friends, peers and colleagues.

        The external events in our life, affect our internal events. How we interpret these events, are based of our beliefs. Our beliefs inform our thoughts, our thoughts inform our emotional repsonse, our emotional response informs our behaviours, which then eminate out into our external world.

        My blog piece ‘Changing Thought Patterns’ part 1 and 2 covered this in more detail if you’re interested.

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